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Positive Coaching
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1. Positive Coaching

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is a cultural change programme designed to create a positive environment for young people in sport, by teaching them to:

  • appreciate the value of effort and learning;
  • improve personal performance;
  • foster a competitive, but fair, sporting mentality;
  • deal positively with mistakes.

Using proven tools and techniques, PCS creates an encouraging environment to ensure that young Scots enjoy sport and want to continue doing it into adulthood.

As a nation, Scotland currently faces a number of social challenges which are now overflowing into youth sport:

  • Violence on some touchlines
  • Disrespect towards many of the officials
  • Many coaches and sports clubs focusing on 'winning at all costs'
  • Parents putting undue pressure on children to improve quickly
  • Decreasing levels of physical activity and increasing obesity
Declining rate of volunteers in sport

Together, these factors contribute to increasing numbers of young people dropping out from sport. PCS is working to reverse this trend and encourage more people to adopt 'sport for life'.

We at Ross Sutherland Rugby Club see the PCS accreditation process as an important component of our objective to get more kids playing more rugby more of the time, and enhancing our reputation as the friendliest club in the north of Scotland.

The process can benefit the club by:

  • providing powerful tools for development at all levels;
  • promoting essential principles to optimise player development;
  • endorsing the core values of rugby;
  • aiding the creation of an appealing environment for new players and families;
  • offering a quality mark which makes the club an attractive prospect for investment.

To achieve accreditation requires the support of EVERYONE at our club - players, coaches, parents, and volunteers -to firmly embed the values in everything we do.

For more information on PCS please visit Positive Coaching Scotland

Jeff Calder
Ross Sutherland PCS Co-ordinator